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Michael Edwards

Freelance Web Developer & Designer

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About Me

I am a freelance web designer with over twenty years experience in web design and development, and over twenty four years experience in graphic design. I was trained at art school for 4 years in Graphic Design and hold both a National and Higher National Diploma in that field.

My freelance web design work started in 1994 where I began creating sites for freelance designers and small businesses.

The vast experience I have in web design work both full-time and as a freelance web designer means I can now produce future-proof, search-engine friendly websites using the most up-to-date techniques.

Despite being highly sought after by new media studios and agencies, I have decided to stay as a freelance web designer and enjoy the creative freedom this gives me, as well as being able to work with new media agencies on a self employed basis.

I am married with one son. Outside of work I play a lot of board games and miniature war games. I am also a passionate supporter of Barnet Football Club and play the Anglo Concertina.

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