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Do you work for a company or design house on a freelance basis?
Yes. I can take on freelance work for you. Just give me a call or email me and I'll be happy to discuss any positions with you.
Do you use web building tools to build your sites?
No! All of the sites that I build (non-open source) are coded by hand. I have an expert knowledge of web code and so I do not need a 3rd party program to write code for me. This means I know how the site is built, how the code is structured and where to go should any changes be required.
Why don't you just make all the sites you build in WordPress?
There are many designers out there who do just that. However, each website has its unique challenges. These all start with the web code. Search engines such as Google send out computer scripts called 'spiders' to look at your site's web code. Based on what it finds it will either reward you with a better ranking in search engine results or punish you and you will go further down. Systems like WordPress have a lot of code behind them and can therefore be bloated and therefore affect your rankings. If you have a small site that you don't plan to change yourself, you would be much better suited to having a basic website. This means the web code is very lean and written to benefit all of the content in your site. A good website must have good foundations. I'll talk to you to find you what is best suited to you rather than just push you onto a system you don't need and that is not in your interests.
Can you build me a basic site?
Yes. I can build any kind of site you require. Just give me a call and I'll be very happy to help you.
Can you work on any Content Managed System?
Although I specialise in Joomla! and WordPress, I have a working knowledge of most Content Managed Systems as well as writing bespoke ones if required.
Do you offer any after-sales care?
Of course. I will teach you how to use your site, and am always on the end of the phone if you get stuck. I can also offer rolling contract support if required.
Are you qualified?
Yes. I went to Croydon College of Art & Design in the late 1980's for two years and got a National Diploma in graphic design. From there I went on to Barnet College of Art & Design where I completed a Higher National Diploma in graphic design with merit.
How long have you been building websites?
My first commercial job in web design was in 1997 and I have been developing and designing sites ever since.
Do you do work for people outside the UK?
I am very happy to work for clients around the world. I have clients in America and Europe at the moment.
Do you do graphic design work as well as web design?
Yes. I have huge experience in graphic design and would be very happy to assist you. When we complete your web site, we can then create new business cards and any other items you need to match your new look. I spent 10 years as an art editor and designer on national news-stand magazines as well as 2 years as a packaging designer, so I have a wealth of experience I can bring to you.

Call me on 01947 811 705 and I'll be very happy to help you. I talk to you in plain English rather than tecchy jargon to ensure you understand exactly what we are talking about.