Michael Edwards

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Joomla Web Developmer

Joomla is the best Content Managed System currently in production.

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Joomla is a very robust and well supported content managed system (CMS). It has been built from the ground up to be CMS and nothing else.

Why use Joomla?

If you need a website that enables you to edit the content yourself using an easy-to-grasp interface, then Joomla is for you. You can add extra functionalty to the site such as a database, forum, contact forms and just about anything you can imagine.

How I can help with Joomla

I can help you with any aspect of Joomla from a full installation and set-up down to minor changes. I write templates from scratch which gives the website its look and feel. Many clients come to me with an existing Joomla site that needs updating or amending. I can also host your Joomla website on my servers. Those servers have been specially to handle Joomla to ensure fast delivery. My servers are based in TeleCity in Manchester and are monitored 24/7/365.

What is the difference between Joomla and Wordpress?

The differences between the two are subtle, but important. As mentioned before, Joomla is and has always been an open-sourced system for managing content. WordPress was originally a system for blogging. Since those days WordPress has been modified to become a fully-blown CMS. Critically though its architecture is still based on a blogging tool. Just like anything in life, it is best to stick to a tool made for the purpose. I could hammer a nail into a wall with the handle of a screwdriver, but it makes sense to use a hammer. WordPress has its uses for small and light-weight websites. But if you need something bigger and more reliable Joomla is the answer.

Give me a call on 01947 811 705 and we can discuss which solution is best for your needs.