Michael Edwards

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Web Designer

I build websites for businesses all over the UK.

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Building your website doesn't have to be a painful experience. I have been designing and building websites for over 20 years. Your job is safe in my hands. Working in the industry for so long has enabled me to work out a very efficient and pain-free system for the build process. I will work closely with you in the following ways:

1. Listening & discussion

The first step is for me to understand your requirements. I'll listen carefully to you to ensure I fully understand what you want to be done. I am very adept at stripping out complex web design jargon and translating it into plain English for you, so you won't feel like you are not in control at any point. Unlike a lot of web designers, I won't just shove your website into WordPress for the sake of it. We will work out what together what is the best way forward for you.

2. Preparation

The next step is for me to create a document I call a road-map. This document lists everything we have previously discussed. The road-map is then updated as we go along to ensure both parties are clear on the direction and also to then become a design document you can keep for future reference.

3. Design visuals

Now we have the foundations in place, it's time to think about the design of the website. I will provide you with Photoshop created images of what the site will look like. These will be to scale so you get a good idea of what the final product will look like. Once you have approved these designs we can start the building process.

4. Building

Our discussions during the listening & discussion phase will work out what the best approach should be for your website. All websites are different, and the needs of customers. I will give you a daily update as to what work has been done. The build time depends on your website needs, so this will change from job to job.

5. Sign-off and hosting

Once the site is complete and you have signed it off, I can host the site for you on my web servers. They are based in Telecity, Manchester and are monitored 24/7/365. I won't abandon you once the site has gone live. I'm always at the end of a phone or email if you need anything from me.